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Who we are
A4F Algae For Future is a Portuguese bioengineering company with more than 15 years of accumulated expertise in research, development, industrial production and marketing of microalgae and microalgae applications.

What we do
We research and develop bioengineering projects for the industrial production of microalgae, microalgae-based products and applications.
We work with different species of microalgae, freshwater, saltwater and hypersaline water, autotrophic, heterotrophic and mixotrophic, and with different and the most advanced technological production solutions – tubular and flat-panel photobioreactors (pbr), cascade race ways (crw) and fermenters – harvesting and processing technologies.
We design, build, operate and transfer (dbot) technological solutions and systems for the industrial production of microalgae from different species and for different purposes.
We cooperate with our clients and partners in researching and developing new, novel and innovative microalgae based products and applications.
We support the design and implementation of marketing strategies for economic exploitation and commercialization of microalgae products and applications in the global market.

Our Vision
We encourage our Partners to create sustainable products. We believe in microalgae to feed and fuel the World.

Our attitude

Scientific and technological research, as a way to achieve innovative, provable, usable and profitable technology. Team commitment and involvement, to achieve sustainable results, in a responsible, transparent and accountable way.

Our concept

Development and production of different species of microalgae, and microalgae-based products through biorefining, on an industrial scale and in a sustainable and commercially profitable way, through different technological solutions, from different needs, with different partners and for different uses: food, feed, fiber, fertilizer, pharma and fuel, as a contribution to a sustainable future.
We believe that microalgae have multiple high value applications, and their production process and industrial treatment can, in itself, ensure economic and environmental benefits.
With seawater species we can produce animal feed directly from seawater locations.
As a process, the industrial production of microalgae serves the purpose of fixation of CO2 with high productivity (at least 1.83 units fixated CO2 per unit of biomass produced).
It also has applications in wastewater treatment and rehabilitation of industrial soil with contamination problems and in the economic use of flooded or saline soils.