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DEMA Project video

A4F was in charge of the cultivation and optimization at pilot-scale of an engineered strain of Synechocystis 6803 for bioethanol production and of a 20-ha industrial unit business plan for commercial exploitation.

A4F's Experience & Resources in a nutshell
  A4F will attend the ALGA EUROPE 2016, in Madrid

ALGAEUROPE offers a unique opportunity for the exchange between academia and industry to be established in a networking based environment that will allow to
discuss the evolution of the Algae Biomass sector worldwide and understand
the role of the main European Players.
A4F will participate at the event exposing four posters in regard to FP7 projects -
D-Factory, BIOFAT, PUFAChain and PhotoFuel - and presenting at the plenary.
Dr. Luís Costa, A4F's Chief Operations Officer & Head of Biotechnology, will be presenting FP7 BIOFAT project with Dr. Natascia Biondi, from UniFI. ALGAEUROPE
entails the third EABA and EC Algae Contractors’ Conference, and the 10th
International Algae Congress.
  A4F will attend the Aquaculture Triennial 2016 in Las Vegas

The Triennial is the largest aquaculture conference and tradeshow held in the world, with nearly 4000 attendees from over 90 countries, and combines the annual meetings of the World Aquaculture Society, National Shellfisheries Association, Fish Culture Section of the American Fisheries Society, and the National Aquaculture Association.
With the current need for safer and more sustainable nutritional sources for aquaculture, the interest in microalgae is also increasing. The main applications of microalgae for aquaculture are associated with nutrition (as sole component or as food additive to basic nutrients), for colouring the flesh of salmonids and for inducing other biological activities.
A4F was invited to present at the plenary. Mr. Nuno Coelho, CEO and co-founder of A4F is giving as presentation about “Microalgae Aquaculture Feed production at A4F, in Portugal”, and Mr. Vítor Verdelho, CDO and co-founder of A4F and President of EABA, will present “Algae for Aquafeeds – European Activities and beyond”.
Attending this Aquaculture Triennial will be useful to interact with the key players, update our knowledge in aquaculture development, and understand how microalgae could be part of future industrial developments.
  A4F is hosting ALFF’s Entrepreneurship Course in Lisbon, Portugal

We are delighted to welcome the second ALFF network-wide training event which will take place at the Hotel Fenix, Lisbon from 22 to 26 February 2016.
ALFF is a 4 year programme funded by the prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN) programme of the European Union. It is specifically designed to train a cohort of 15 PhD students in current research and developments in algal biotechnology and equip them with the specialist knowledge to face current and future challenges in this field. ALFF combines multidisciplinary research-based projects, each with a focus on either pathogens, mutualistic symbionts, endosymbiotic micro-organisms (the "endophycosphere"), and biofilms or bioinformatics.
The main theme of this event will be “Commercial Algal Culturing: Technologies, Markets and Business Skills” and it will bring together our students and partners from universities and research institutes based across Europe, and also leading experts in the fields of microalgae biotechnology development and cultivation.
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