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A4F has a very close relationship with the leading scientists and researchers in the field of microalgae biotechnologies, as well as with the largest microalgae producers, worldwide. This international networking approach, positions A4F as a first choice for any large-scale contract as the best specialist company in almost every specific aspects of microalgae production.

A&A Fratelli Parodi SPA - Archimede Research (BIOFAT)
Abengoa Bioenergía Nuevas Tecnologías (BIOFAT)
Accenture (BIOFAT)
Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet (Photo.Comm)
Alfa Laval Corporate AB (ProEcoWine)
Alga Technologies (GIAVAP)
Algae Biotech (Photo.Comm)
AlgoSource Technologies (BIOFAT)
ADERA (ProEcoWine)
Baquelite Liz (AlgaFarm)
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BIOFAT/GIAVAP)
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (GIAVAP)
eRcane (DEMA)
Fotosintetica & Microbiologica s.r.l. (BIOFAT)
Fraunhofer Institute E.V. (ProEcoWine)
Georg-August Universitaet (GIAVAP)
IAU Service – Werner Bannach (ProEcoWine)
IN s.r.l. (BIOFAT)
Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet (GIAVAP)
Laboratorio Nacional de Energia e Geologia I.P. (DEMA)
Les Vignerons de Buzet Cooperative Agricole (ProEcoWine)
Naturland EV (ProEcoWine)
Nimrod Shaham & Amos Zamir (GIAVAP)
Novagreen Projektmanagement (Photo.Comm)
Pall (AlgaFarm)
Photanol B.V. (DEMA)
Rosetta Genomics (GIAVAP)
Rothamsted Research Limited (GIAVAP)
Schott AG (UEL)
Technion – Israel Institute oif Technology (Photo.Comm)
The University of Warwick (Photo.Comm)
University of Turku (DEMA/Photo.Comm)
Universita Degli Studi di Firenze (BIOFAT/GIAVAP)
Universite Le Mans (GIAVAP)
Universiteit Van Amsterdam (DEMA)
University College London (GIAVAP)
University of Cambridge (DEMA/Photo.Comm)
University of Copenhagen (Photo.Comm)
University of Limerick (DEMA)
University of West Hungary (ProEcoWine)
Vinedos de Aldeanueva Sociedad Coop.(ProEcoWine)