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How we work
We cooperate with our clients and partners in the production, market development, and profitable placement of the final product.
We work closely with our customers to select the best technology and bioengineering solutions for the intended application, taking into account the specific site conditions and customer characteristics and goals.
We propose our clients a scale-up approach from a survey of existing conditions and client goals. We collect information, develop knowledge, transfer technology, operate, and teach future operators.
We participate in the most advanced research and demonstration projects in microalgae, funded by the eu, in cooperation with the most prestigious Universities and research centers in Europe.

Our approach
Scale-up from the studies of existing conditions and client goals. Gather information; Develop knowledge; Technology Transfer; Operation; Training; Cooperation in production, market development, and in the profitable placement of the final product.
A4F provides a wide range of services from turn-key plants to very specific development projects, targeting new products or the solution of site-specific problems.

Consultancy services

  • Business case study for microalgae production
  • Assessment of sites for microalgae production plants
  • Design of microalgae production plants
  • Technology procurement and selection – infrastructure, production equipment, downstream processing and utilities for microalgae production plants
  • Start-up, diagnosis and optimization of microalgae production plants
  • Production supervision, team training and technology transfer at Clients’ microalgae production plants
  • Funding opportunities for microalgae projects
  • Support in sales, development and licensing of novel microalgal products

  • Technology supply
  • Photobioreactors – tubular, flat-panel and others, according to suitability for different projects
  • Open ponds - cascade raceways, conventional raceways and others, according to suitability for different projects
  • Implementation of complete microalgae production plants
  • Integration of microalgae production with existing industrial facilities (cement, power, effluent treatment, fertilizer, etc.)

    Technical services
  • Microalgae strain isolation, selection and characterization
  • Supply of unique microalgae strains from an exclusive 1200 strain collection
  • Inoculum production
  • Specialized analytical services: pigments, fatty acids, elemental analysis, etc.
  • Growth medium design, supply (for lab and industrial scale) and optimization
  • Individual or small group training in microalgae cultivation at A4F premises
  • Contract research and development – at lab scale and pilot scale – strain optimization, contamination control tools, biomass enrichment, etc.
  • Supply of pilot scale (kilogram) amounts of microalgae biomass – including gmo microalgae