September 18, 2020


Source: a4f

A4F SGPS has been the majority shareholder of BIOTREND since June 2020, having acquired about 99% of its capital. At the same time, Dr. Bruno Sommer Ferreira, founding shareholder of the company, became a shareholder and member of the management bodies of A4F SGPS, as well as his participation in A4F-Algafuel, SA, maintaining his current duties as CEO of BIOTREND.

This integration of BIOTREND is part of the A4F Group's strategy, in which fermentation technologies and bioprocesses are instrumental. In addition to the technological and commercial synergies between BIOTREND and A4F-Algafuel, the development of R&D projects and their application on an industrial scale, through fermentation technologies, allows the A4F Group to incorporate a set of skills with direct applicability, not only in microalgae production processes but also in the areas of macroalgae valorization and the circular economy and sustainable industrial development.

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