June 14, 2023

A4F in Horizon Europe’s INNOAQUA Project

Source: a4f

Driving Innovation in Algae-based Food Production and Aquaculture Practices

A4F is proud to announce its active role in the newly funded Horizon Europe project, INNOAQUA. As part of a consortium of 17 partners, we will lead Work Package 2, focusing on Sustainable Aquaculture Practices.

In alignment with the European Green Deal's Farm-to-Fork Strategy, the project seeks to tap into the potential of algae as a low-carbon footprint protein source. It aims to drive sustainability and competitiveness within the aquaculture sector, and navigate the European algae industry towards a robust future.

Our commitment is to demonstrate operational and technical robustness, and to develop sustainable strategies that boost the economic performance of the industry. We're also highly engaged in Work Package 3, which seeks to optimize processing techniques within a biorefinery approach.

The project's overall goal is to mainstream innovative, ecology-based, and digitally enhanced fish and algae cultivation systems, addressing the main barriers hindering the sector's growth.

A4F, with its 20+ years of accumulated experience in algae R&D and production, will play a key role in ensuring that INNOAQUA's objectives are met, thereby powering the development of the sustainable and diversified EU in-land aquaculture industry.

With the kick-off of this landmark project, A4F looks forward to contributing its expertise and insights, ensuring that sustainable aquaculture and high-value food production become a tangible reality.