November 10, 2021

A4F welcomes member of the Government and three ambassadors interested in the potential of ALGATEC Eco Business Park

Source: a4f

A4F received a visit from the Secretary of State for Internationalization and three ambassadors interested in ALGATEC.

A4F - Algae for Future received a visit from the Secretary of State for Internationalization and three ambassadors interested in the potential of the ALGATEC Eco Business Park technological platform for the Blue Internationalization Roadmap.

This itinerary works as a guide for carrying out a cycle of work visits dedicated to business units, research centers, incubators and accelerators in the field of the Blue Economy, across the country.

The initiative, which began on November 5, aims to publicize the potential that the Blue Economy represents for the internationalization of the Portuguese economy, both in terms of the export potential of this sector and in attracting foreign direct investment to Portugal, and will end on the occasion of the II Ocean Conference, promoted by the United Nations and scheduled for June 27, 2022, in Lisbon.

The visiting group led by Secretary of State Eurico Dias had, as a guest, the Mayor of Vila Franca de Xira, Fernando Paulo, and included the ambassadors of Canada, Lisa Madan, and Norway, Torve Westberg, and the Special Envoy for Climate issues and member of the UN Organizing Committee on the Oceans, Ambassador Alexandre Leitão.

On the other hand, emphasis is given to the participation of the general director of Sea Policy, Helena Vieira, and the vice president of CCDR LVT, Joaquim Sardinha, among other members of the delegation close to the Blue Economy.

In the briefing that preceded the visit to ALGATEC and the biorefinery (under construction), the president of the A4F group, Nuno Coelho, highlighted the company's internationalization strategy for new geographies and also its more than 10 years of experience in the development and execution of microalgae industrial production projects, replicable in other locations, in symbiosis with traditional industries.

Nuno Coelho also referred that A4F is among the 100 most innovative companies in Portugal, either by the investment it makes, or through networking with international research institutes, or in partnership with Portuguese universities.

The working visit to A4F and to ALGATEC Eco Business Park constituted, in the comments collected from the visitors, a somewhat surprising discovery, due to the technological development, the dimension of the microalgae production platform, by far the largest in Europe, and for the enormous potential of the bioeconomy as a sustainable alternative in the fight against climate change.