September 3, 2019

ABACUS BBI project video


Algae for a biomass applied to the production of added value compounds.

ABACUS aims a business-oriented and technology-driven development of a new algal biorefinery, thereby bringing to the market innovative algae-based ingredients for high-end applications, spanning from algal terpenes for fragrances to long-chain terpenoids (carotenoids) for nutraceuticals and cosmetic actives.

To accomplish this challenging work, the project consortium gathers 2 large industries, 3 small and medium enterprises and 4 research technology organisations. As specialist on the scale-up of microalgae cultivations, A4F’s role is to: (1) produce microalgae at pilot scale, including GMO strains, and (2) develop/adapt different PBR technologies and operating procedures to the production and in-line extraction of terpenoids from produced biomass.


Check out ABACUS project video!