December 8, 2014

ABO and EABA form partnership for member benefits.

Source: Algae Industry Magazine

ABO and EABA Partnership

ABO and EABA, the American and European algae associations, have agreed to move forward with a partnership that expands the benefits for members of both organizations.

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ABO and EABA form partnership for member benefits

December 8, 2014



The US-based Algae Biomass Organization and the European Algae Biomass Association have agreed to a partnership that extends the member benefits of each organization.

The two organizations have also agreed to collaborate to further the development of algae biomass technologies in the U.S., Europe and globally through events, conferences and policy advocacy.

ABO Executive Director Matt Carr and EABA President Vítor Verdelho signed the agreement at the EABA Conference 2014 in Florence, Italy. Among the expanded benefits the agreement brings to ABO members:

  • Shared calendars of events, meeting and conferences for both organizations.
  • ABO members can now register for EABA events, conferences and meetings at the member-only rates. The same privileges apply to EABA members that wish to attend ABO events.