January 22, 2024

Astaxanthin production: Asteasier consortium unveils breakthrough microalgae technology

Source: FeedNavigator

Significant Contributions to Cutting-Edge Technology and Sustainability in Astaxanthin Production

The Asteasier project, led by the University of Verona in Italy, aims to revolutionize natural astaxanthin production by addressing challenges like slow growth rates and costly extraction processes. 

Over the past months, A4F has cultivated patented, highly productive microalgae strains in large-scale photobioreactors in Portugal. These strains, derived from unique microalgae species, have shown remarkable astaxanthin yield and environmental resilience, supporting a more economical production model. 

Funded by the European Innovation Council, Asteasier has been conducting feed trials with BioMar to assess biomass incorporation into specialized salmon feed, highlighting valuable by-products like omega-3. With an estimated cost of €2m and a completion target of December 2024, the project plans for commercial development through a spin-out company and a demo plant in Verona, with A4F leading the design and construction.