February 26, 2023

Asteasier Project Kick-off: Promises a Revolution in the Production of Astaxanthin

Source: Asteasier

Sustainable production of astaxanthin and ketocarotenoids is the focus of this EU-funded project

The Asteasier project kicked off with its initial meeting in Verona on the 25th and 26th of January 2023, marking the start of an innovative journey until January 2025. Funded by the EIC Transition program, under the aegis of Horizon Europe, this ambitious project aims to develop a groundbreaking platform for the low-cost, large-scale production of natural Astaxanthin using two new patented microalgae strains.

Astaxanthin, known for its potent antioxidant effect, is widely used in cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and aquaculture, where it serves as a pigment to impart the characteristic pink color to farmed salmon and shrimp. By exploiting the unique properties of the two microalgae strains in terms of Astaxanthin accumulation and ease of extraction, the Asteasier project promises to increase productivity, sustainability, and reduce production costs compared to existing alternatives.

The project's kick-off meeting was attended by representatives of all involved partners, including the University of Verona, which coordinates the project, A4F, BioMar, and Day One. In addition to presenting the planned activities for the project period, the meeting provided a valuable opportunity for roundtable discussions and a visit to the SOLE-LAB laboratories, where Asteasier's proposed innovation is being developed.

The meeting also served as a platform to present additional opportunities offered by the EIC, including the EIC Booster Grant and coaching services. With regular meetings planned for the future, the Asteasier project is on its way to making Astaxanthin production more efficient, sustainable, and economically viable.