May 22, 2023

Join us at the International Conference on Algae Extracts – Register until June 5th

Source: a4f

Shaping the Future of Sustainable Innovation

Mark your calendars! On June 7th, A4F is proud to present the International Conference on Algae Extracts, an online event dedicated to exploring the immense potential of algae extracts in driving sustainability and innovation across various industries.


Join us and industry experts, researchers, and leaders as we delve into the transformative power of algae extracts in areas such as food production, agriculture, and green chemistry. This conference, organized by EXTRATOTECA - a collaborative project between A4F and five leading research institutes in Portugal, is your opportunity to gain valuable insights about the future of algae biotechnology.


Discover the latest research, groundbreaking applications, and future directions in the field of algae extracts


Register now and secure your place in the International Conference on Algae Extracts