March 23, 2022

Minister of Economy visits Biotrend

Source: a4f

Biotrend as an example in the areas of industrial and marine biotechnology

The Minister of State for the Economy and the Digital Transition, Pedro Siza Vieira, was received at Biotrend's premises, on the occasion of a recent visit to Biocant, a science and technology park located in Cantanhede.

The government official stopped at Biotrend's pilot fermentation unit, where he exchanged impressions with Bruno Sommer Ferreira (CEO) and Nuno Coelho (Administrator) about the activity of the company, which is part of the A4F - Algae for Future group. It was mentioned that Biotrend provides advanced services in the development, optimization and scale-up of bioprocesses, particularly in the areas of industrial and marine biotechnology, with a range of clients spread across several continents, from emerging start-ups to multinationals with a global presence.

In the words of Siza Vieira, Portugal finds “a great opportunity for development and economic growth” around biotechnologies and life sciences. “We have human capital, talent and knowledge accumulated in our universities, and what we should be doing in the life sciences is exactly what we have achieved, for example, around digital technologies”, observed the minister. He found in Biotrend an example of the profitability of this asset, demonstrated by its highly qualified team with international experience.

“Biocant, an initiative of the Municipality of Cantanhede, which was able to create a science and technology park closely linked to the University, now allows companies located here, thanks to the good conditions offered, to start serving global markets and also marrying the industry”, commented Siza Vieira.

The Mayor of Cantanhede, Helena Teodósio, several councilors and the President of the Municipal Assembly, João Carlos Pais de Moura, also participated in this visit to the Biocant Park, one of the great drivers of the project, at the time he led the Municipality.

The Biocant park was born from an initiative by Biocant - Technology Transfer Association, with the majority participation of the Chamber of Cantanhede, and aims to promote, develop and apply advanced knowledge in the area of life sciences, supporting high potential business initiatives.