April 26, 2024

A4F Launches Asteasier Project DEMO Unit at the University of Verona

Source: a4f

Biotechnological innovation for sustainability: A step forward in the production of natural astaxanthin

A4F, leader in biotechnology solutions, is proud to announce the installation of a demonstration unit for the Asteasier project at the University of Verona, Italy. This milestone marks a significant advancement in the production of natural astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant with widespread applications in the aquaculture industry.

Following the promising results of the ERC-funded Asteasy project, Asteasier employs new microalgae strains, patented by the University of Verona. These strains have shown exceptional capabilities in producing natural astaxanthin, targeting a more cost-effective production.

The DEMO unit designed by A4F, with a capacity of one cubic meter, is central to this mission. Located in Villa Lebrecht, near Verona, the unit includes a customized multilayer horizontal tubular photobioreactor with artificial lighting (MHT-PBR LumiLayer). Beyond the cultivation technology, the unit is equipped with systems for water treatment, nutrient medium preparation, thermal regulation, biomass harvesting, and processing, among others, ensuring efficient operation.

From the preliminary technical studies to the detailed engineering project development and unit installation, every stage has been meticulously planned. As the partner responsible for the future industrialization of this solution, A4F's proven experience in designing and constructing algae production units lays the groundwork for a smooth transition from demo to industrial-scale production.

With the completion of this demonstrator, A4F and its partners are closer to offering the market a new solution for astaxanthin production, promising significant economic and environmental benefits.