February 16, 2021


Source: a4f

The Administrations of both companies are gratified to be able to contribute to this admirable humanitarian project.

Multidisciplinary teams of volunteers, gathered by the COmVIDas network in support missions to nursing homes, helped to overcome the lack of human resources with which the Póvoa de Santa Iria Retired and Elderly Association (ARIPSI) struggled, with an outbreak of COVID.

The young university students needed accommodation, in which they remained isolated and protected, in order to respect health safety procedures, during the days when they fulfilled their relief mission.

Without encountering availability with the official entities, COmVIDas approached Solvay Portugal and found the emergency solution they were looking for: accommodation in one of Solvay's houses, in Póvoa de Santa Iria, leased to Algora Sustainable Investments (joint venture between A4F and Green Aqua).

Marta Eiró, coordinator of the links to the supported institutions, act as a spokesperson for the COmVIDas network and praises the “enormous generosity” of these young people, aged between 19 and 23, who leave the comfort of their homes and suspend their studies (Law, Psychology, Mathematics, Management, Medicine, Nursing), even during exams, “driven only by the desire to help others”.

It is in this spirit that they face six-hour shifts - a team of eight volunteers, as a rule, performs 12 hours a day in an institution - providing non-professional services, such as cleaning and disinfecting spaces and providing hygiene, food and comfort for nursing home users.

Now that the health situation has improved in ARIPSI, these young people can dedicate themselves to the animation of the elderly with music and songs, telling them stories, helping with physiotherapy, making video calls with families or, simply, cherishing them by keeping them company.

An indispensable emotional support and much appreciated by users of 44 nursing homes and residences that, from the north to the south of the country, have already asked help from COmViDas since the beginning of the pandemic. Marta Eiró is not limited in the care she provides for her six children and she is committed, smile on her face, with other mothers, in the logistics of these missions, who have already put 466 volunteers on the front line (some volunteers repeat participation) providing safe and responsible care to almost 2500 elderly people.

In the midst of an unprecedented health emergency in our lives, there are beautiful stories to tell, like this one, made up of altruism and love for one's neighbor, that do not appear on the television news, always filled with sensationalism and the day-to-day living, but that deserve public praise and recognition. May this publication, cherished by the Solvay and Algora administrations, serve this purpose.

Find out how you can help at www.facebook.com/portugal.comvidasor www.portugalcomvidas.com.