R&D projects

ProgramAcronymTopicStart DateDurationBudget
QRENALGAPLEXMixotrophic microalgae growthOct 200924 months---
FP7GIAVAPGenetic modification of marine or freshwater algae to better suit industrial applicationsJan 201136 months7 M€
FP7AQUAFUELSExploitation of various algal and other suitable non-food aquatic biomasses for 2nd generation biofuels productionJan 201018 months---
FP7BIOFATBiofuels from microalgaeApr 201160 months10 M€
FP7PHOTO.COMMPhotosynthetic communities in industrial cultivationOct 201248 months---
FP7ProEcoWinePlant protection products from microalgaeNov 201224 months1.6 M€
FP7DEMADirect bioethanol from microalgaeDec 201254 months6.4 M€
QRENINOVLABOptimization of applied analytical methods to microalgae culture routines and processingOct 201312 months---
FP7PUFAChainDeveloping a pipeline of PUFA-derived products from several species of microalgaeNov 201348 months7 M€
FP7D-FactoryCultivation and biorefinery for DunaliellaDec 201348 months10 M€
GENOMIA FUNDAlgaeEcoIDIsolate, cultivate, and characterize the pathogens of the green microalgae Haematococcus and ChlorellaMar 201424 months---
HORIZON 2020ALFFThe Algal Microbiome Friends and FoesDec 201448 months3.8 M€
HORIZON 2020PHOTOFUELStimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon energy system. Jul 201548 months6 M€
HORIZON 2020 - BBIABACUSAlgae for a biomass applied to the production of added value compoundsMar 201736 months5.1 M€
NordForskNORDAQUATowards Versatility of Aquatic Production Platforms: Unlocking the Value of Nordic BioresourcesJun 201754 months---
INTERREGENHANCEHigh added-value industrial opportunities for microalgae in the Atlantic AreaNov 201754 months3.45 M€
P 2020ARA.FARMARA.FARM .: IDT demonstration project of the production feasibility of Arachidonic Acid of microalgaeNov 201748 months4.7 M€
P2020EXTRATOTECAEXTRATOTECA – Microalgae Extracts for High Value Products May 201936 months1 M€
P 2020ALGAREFInstallation and operation of a multi-method and multi-product microalgae biorefining unit Apr 202024 months2.8 M€
HORIZON 2020 - BBIMULTI-STR3AMSustainable multi-strain, multi-method, multi-product microalgae biorefinery integrating industrial side streams to create high-value productsMay 202048 months9.1 M€
HORIZON 2020 - BBIREDWINEIncreasing microalgae biomass feedstock by valorizing wine gaseous and liquid residuesMay 202148 months5.7 M€
COMPETE2020Move2LowCBio-based fuelsOct 202032 months11,2 M€