R&D projects

Program Acronym Topic Start Date Duration Budget
QREN ALGAPLEX Mixotrophic microalgae growth Oct 2009 24 months ---
FP7 GIAVAP Genetic modification of marine or freshwater algae to better suit industrial applications Nov 2010 36 months 7 M€
FP7 AQUAFUELS Exploitation of various algal and other suitable non-food aquatic biomasses for 2nd generation biofuels production Jan 2010 18 months ---
FP7 BIOFAT Biofuels from microalgae Apr 2011 60 months 10 M€
FP7 PHOTO.COMM Photosynthetic communities in industrial cultivation Oct 2012 48 months ---
FP7 ProEcoWine Plant protection products from microalgae Nov 2012 24 months 1.6 M€
FP7 DEMA Direct bioethanol from microalgae Dec 2012 54 months 6.4 M€
QREN INOVLAB Optimization of applied analytical methods to microalgae culture routines and processing Oct 2013 12 months ---
FP7 PUFAChain Developing a pipeline of PUFA-derived products from several species of microalgae Nov 2013 48 months 7 M€
FP7 D-Factory Cultivation and biorefinery for Dunaliella Dec 2013 48 months 10 M€
GENOMIA FUND AlgaeEcoID Isolate, cultivate, and characterize the pathogens of the green microalgae Haematococcus and Chlorella Mar 2014 24 months ---
HORIZON 2020 ALFF The Algal Microbiome Friends and Foes Dec 2014 48 months 3.8 M€
HORIZON 2020 PHOTOFUEL Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon energy system. Jul 2015 48 months 6 M€
HORIZON 2020 - BBI ABACUS Algae for a biomass applied to the production of added value compounds Mar 2017 36 months 5.1 M€
NordForsk NORDAQUA Towards Versatility of Aquatic Production Platforms: Unlocking the Value of Nordic Bioresources Jun 2017 54 months ---
INTERREG ENHANCE High added-value industrial opportunities for microalgae in the Atlantic Area Nov 2017 36 months 2.45 M€
P 2020 ARA.FARM ARA.FARM .: IDT demonstration project of the production feasibility of Arachidonic Acid of microalgae Nov 2017 48 months 4.7 M€
P2020 EXTRATOTECA EXTRATOTECA – Microalgae Extracts for High Value Products May 2019 36 months 1 M€