Oct 2009 - Oct 2011

Mixotrophic microalgae growth

A4F as Coordinator

Continuous production of mixotrophic microalgae with carbon dioxide and nitrogen fixation was developed by A4F under the Incentive System of R&D offered by QREN. The realization of this project involved the collaboration of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) and InnoPhage, Lda as a subcontracted entity. The ALGAPLEX project aimed to develop processes for continuous production of microalgae (24 hours) taking advantage of its (i) autotrophic growth with sunlight and incorporation of CO2 as a carbon source (ii) heterotrophic growth in the absence of a light with a source of organic carbon (iii) and mixotrophic growth with the fixing of molecular nitrogen. Furthermore, it aimed to develop an efficient technology of fixing the flue gases through mixotrophic microalgae cultivation and be a proof of concept for the development of bacteriophages applicationtechnology to the same culture for bacterial control. 

Microalgae species: Chlorella spp., Nannocloropsis sp., Nitzschia sp., Phaeodactylum sp., Scenedesmus sp. e Spirulina




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24 months


Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal

Innophage, Portugal

A4F Role

A4F was tasked to develop the continuous production of biomass under autotrophic, mixotrophic and heterotrophic conditions for selected microalgae species using flue gases as CO2 source as well. Culture crop protection strategies were also tested and developed.


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