May 2019 - May 2022

EXTRATOTECA – Microalgae Extracts for High Value Products

A4F as Coordinator

The EXTRATOTECA project will be the starting point to create a microalgae and cyanobacteria ‘extract bank’ with worldwide relevance. The Extratoteca will include selected extracts from the microalgae isolates available in the consortium culture collection and its catalogue is expected to be validated by relevant global entities. Intellectual property and exploitation licensing will be contracted and divided according to the contributions of the parties involved generating resources for further development and growth. Where applicable, the Nagoya Protocol will be strictly implemented.

The work to be performed aims to develop (1) methodologies for production and stabilization of extracts; (2) methods for characterization of extracts; (3) a set of representative extracts that are fully characterized at the chemical, biochemical and functional level and that are from genetically characterized source strains. The EXTRATOTECA will focus on 30 species, 15 of which are commercially exploited and 15 are new species already isolated but not industrially exploited. For each species, various technologies of production will be tested and at least 5 extraction processes (solvents, ionic liquids, steam, super-critical, HPP and MEF).

The main target markets of EXTRATOTECA are: Health products, Cosmetics, Food, Feed and Fertilizer. The full characterization of the extracts at the biochemical and functional levels will result in the increase in the value of each extract and the strain it was produced from. The functional characteristics of the extracts are the key factor in their commercial value as they inform its potential applications. This project will bring together the main experts in the field in Portugal by involving selected R&D groups. A laboratory platform with web support will enable the dissemination of results and future commercialization.