Nov 2012 - Nov 2014

Plant protection products from microalgae

This project was planned to develop a novel bio-fungicide to treat common grapevine fungal diseases. The innovative microalgae plant protection product enriched with micronutrients will enable the replacement of copper fungicides in organic and conventional viticulture, increase yield in organic vineyards by up to 30% and decrease production costs per unit by up to 20%. This will increase the competitiveness of EU wines and support the development of the organic market in Europe. The ProEcoWine project was the first step of a development process that has to be continued.  
Microalgae species: Scotiellopsis sp. and Anabaena sp.




1.6 M€


24 months


Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnolgy (Coordinator), Germany

PHYTOsolution, Germany

Kürzeder & März, Germany

Les Vignerons de Buzet Societe cooperative Agricole, France

Viñedos de Aldeanueva, Spain

Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Sweden

Naturland, Germany

University of West Hungary, Hungary

Laboratoire Phenobio SAS, France

A4F Role

A4F was involved in the process development of microalgae cultivation at pilot scale, which included biomass production of the selected microalgae in highly-efficient flat panel photobioreactors, identification of basic growth parameters, optimization of microalgae growth conditions for bioactive metabolite synthesis, and the establishment of an effective harvesting and separation processes.