Jan 2023 - Jan 2025

Novel and sustainable biotechnological approaches for astaxanthin and ketocarotenoids production

The Asteasier EU-funded project aims at the development of an innovative platform for the simultaneous high-level, low-cost production of natural Astaxanthin from two new and patented strains of the N. gaditana and C. reinhardtii microalgae species. Astaxanthin is a powerful natural antioxidant and finds application in cosmetics, nutraceutics and especially in aquaculture, where it is used as a pigment to give the typical pink colour to farmed salmon and shrimps.

By exploiting the unique properties of the two proprietary microalgae strains in terms of Astaxanthin accumulation capacity and ease of extraction, the Asteasier solution will allow increased productivity, increased sustainability and lower production costs, with respect to existing alternatives. In addition to that, Asteasier is able to provide feed producers with additional valuable products such as Omega 3, lipids, proteins and vitamins.


EIC Transition


1.98 M€


24 months


- Università degli studi di Verona
- BioMar
- Day One - Funding & Venture Building

A4F Role

A4F's role involves cultivating the Asteasier strains and scaling up the production process to an industrially relevant environment (TRL 6), as well as setting up a demo-scale biorefinery process for astaxanthin. A4F is also responsible for the design and construction of the DEMO plant to be installed in Verona. Moreover, A4F is leading WP2, which entails developing the techno-economic feasibility of the Asteasier solution for the production and extraction of natural astaxanthin from microalgae, and assessing the environmental impact of the technology through a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).