Microalgae Cultivation Techniques - From Lab to Pilot Scale

Microalgae are microscopically small plants that have on earth for more than 2.500 million years, and are the base of the food chain of the planet. This rich raw material can be used for a variety of applications, microalgae for human nutrition and animal feed, and for extraction of added-value compounds (vegetable protein, omega-3 and omega-6, pigments and antioxidants).

For this reason, we invite you to a two-day advanced training course on "Microalgae Cultivation Techniques – from Lab to Pilot scale", where we invite you to learn more about different techniques and best practices for microalgae production.

The aim of this professional development course in to familiarize participants with microalgae cultivation concepts, paying special attention to scale-up processes, large scale cultivation and downstream processing. The workshop will take place at A4F’s facilities in Lisbon, Portugal.

This workshop is mainly focused on the hands-on practical sessions and on having real experiences on microalgae cultivation, at lab and pilot scale. This microalgae training programme will provide attendees with the technical skills required to cultivate microalgae according to the industry’s best practices, and will allow them to get a sneak peek at the daily life of microalgae production facilities.

This course is part of a series of short professional development courses developed by the EU EIT-Food Initiative The A4F course on algal large scale up systems complements the other algal biotechnology courses run at the University of Cambridge, UK; Fraunhofer, Germany and Matis, Iceland. The programme will provide an unrivalled opportunity for students, academic and industry researchers and entrepreneurs to be trained in algal biotechnology research and to understand the opportunities available for its incorporation in the sustainable food bio-economy. The learning outcomes will be a solid grounding in algal culturing, growth, equipment and subsequent analysis and the related innovation challenges and opportunities in the algal sector. 

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